We are happy to share a resource that aligns not only with district and building literacy work but will also greatly support advancement in our continuous improvement efforts. A new research guide titled Providing Reading Interventions for Students in Grades 4-9 was released recently from the Institute of Education Sciences that summarizes research-based instructional interventions for older … Read more

Challenges and Strategies for Data Collection

When can less be more? Enjoy this short video and learn more about data collection to confirm that sometimes less is more.  Teachers share their challenges and strategies in the effective collection of data including student talk such as turn and talk, explain your thinking, and the ability to repeat the strategy of another student.  … Read more

Are The Risks Of Reopening Schools Exaggerated?

Many schools are grappling with the decision to bring students back in person or to continue with remote and/or blended learning plans. Pediatrician, Dr. Danielle Dooley, a medical director at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., told NPR that she is concerned with the negative impacts she is seeing on children due to school closures. … Read more

School Improvement Updates

School Report Cards The 2020 Ohio School Report Cards which serve as the basis for the state’s accountability system for schools and districts, will not feature letter grades. The change follows the passage of a coronavirus response measure (HB 197) prohibiting ODE from issuing report card grades for the 2019-20 school year and barring related … Read more

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