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Supporting districts in their improvement efforts and improving educational outcomes for all students.

SST Region 13 Mission and Vision

Our mission is to coach, support, and collaborate with regional educational entities and local education agencies to build leadership capacity at all levels and to maximize learning for all students.

Our vision is to continue to be the trusted partner of local education agencies, supporting systems change to improve learning for all students.

Ohio’s State Support Teams

Ohio’s State Support Teams are responsible for the regional delivery of school improvement, special education, early learning and school readiness, and parent and family involvement services to school districts using a differentiated technical assistance structure of support based upon need.

There are 16 State Support Teams in Ohio. The teams work through the Office for Exceptional Children, Office of Early Learning and School Readiness, and the Office of Improvement and Innovation by providing technical assistance and professional development. Locations and contact information for Ohio’s 16 State Support Teams may be found here.

SST Region 13’s Fiscal Agent

Hamilton County ESC serves as the fiscal agent for State Support Team Region 13. All State Support Team fiscal agents were selected through a RFP process. Click here for more information about Hamilton County ESC.

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