School Improvement Updates

School Report Cards

The 2020 Ohio School Report Cards which serve as the basis for the state’s accountability system for schools and districts, will not feature letter grades.

The change follows the passage of a coronavirus response measure (HB 197) prohibiting ODE from issuing report card grades for the 2019-20 school year and barring related sanctions.

Data to be Reported on the 2020 Ohio School Report Cards

The tables presented in the link below outline the data that will be
reported publicly for informational and planning purposes only. The data will not factor into any graded measures or components. Measures primarily based on the spring state tests will not have data available this
year. However, some measures are based on lagged (prior year) data and will be available as noted.

Report Card Quick View:

ODE has created a frequently asked questions section on its website addressing differences between this year’s report cards and previous iterations:

School personnel should know that there will be no grades or rankings this year and that no schools will come out of identification status. Additionally, no new schools will be identified 

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