Evidence Empowerment

ODE has provided us with resources in empowering our use of evidence in support of the Ohio Improvement Process.

  1. Understand the value of evidence-based strategies for students and schools
  2. Consider your local needs
  3. Learn the basics
  4. Make strategies prove their worth 
  5. Tap into Ohio’s Empowered by Evidence resources

Check out the link below to read more about these 5 practices.  You will be empowered to dig deeper into using evidence resources when you check out #5!



Lori Cargile

Greetings everyone! All children can learn. It is our responsibility to figure out how. This mantra has guided me in my nearly three decades of serving high-needs students, schools, and school districts. My experiences include being a mathematics teacher, teacher leader and evaluator, school administrator, instructional coach, and school improvement consultant. I love to learn new things and enjoy biking, hiking, and traveling.