What Did We Learn Recently?

What Did We Learn Recently? The past year or so was not all bad. Several educational studies taught us about everything from how to communicate about the much needed SEL activities to how COVID  upended lives of educators. Edutopia  conveniently described some of the top takeaways in a recent article. https://www.edutopia.org/article/10-most-significant-education-studies-2021 Our compacted suggestions based … Read more

Evidence Empowerment

ODE has provided us with resources in empowering our use of evidence in support of the Ohio Improvement Process. Understand the value of evidence-based strategies for students and schools Consider your local needs Learn the basics Make strategies prove their worth  Tap into Ohio’s Empowered by Evidence resources Check out the link below to read … Read more

One Needs Assessment + One Plan = ?

Do you know what the One Needs Assessment and the One Plan have in common?  They are the two components of ED STEPS.  ED STEPS is the Education Department’s System of Tiered E-Plans and Supports (ED STEPS).  To learn about these components and more please check out the link below.  Important deadlines are approaching! https://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Federal-Programs/EDSTEPS/ED-STEPS-FAQs … Read more

What About Math?

Much of our focus this year and every year is on literacy, but we know our mathematics instructional programs could also be refreshed. What can we do to learn more about modern mathematics pedagogy? Dig into the following: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Learning-in-Ohio/Mathematics/Resources-for-Mathematics/Curriculum-and-Instruction-Resources-for-Mathemati The Ohio Department of Education provides this myriad of resources on Depth of Knowledge (DOK). The … Read more

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