Rethinking That “All Means the Same” in Prek Learning Opportunities

All children have the right to equitable learning opportunities that help them achieve their full potential as engaged learners and valued members of society. Thus, all early childhood educators have a professional obligation to advance equity. They can do this best when they are effectively supported by the early learning settings in which they work … Read more

Beyond literacy and math nights – the importance of engaging families of SWD for overall improvement

Our topic this month is Parent/Family Engagement in schools. We know that families who are involved in their child’s education at home or at school achieve at higher levels. So what does or can this look like? It can look different for everyone. As I reflected on this topic, being a single mother, working full … Read more

Resolving Issues with your Child’s School

How is your relationship with your child’s school? Are you having an issue with your child’s teacher? At some point during your child’s 13-year academic career – it’s quite possible this can happen. As parents, its our job to be an active team member in our child’s IEP team – but there are several tips … Read more

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