Welcome to School Year 22-23 and Another Year of Improving!

What is “school improvement” anyway? Is it improving achievement based on a state’s requirements? Is it changing the culture of the school? Is it literacy and math night attendance? Is it updated resources and quality teaching? Or, for you, is it all of these? Regardless of the articles you read, or websites you search, there … Read more

To A Year Filled With Continuous Improvement

We made it! It was quite a year. I don’t know if there will ever be enough ways to say thank you to educators who stepped up to navigate one of the most challenging years in education. As our State Support Team worked with districts and buildings this year, we saw so many examples of … Read more

Welcome to the new SST 13 blog!!

As part of our continued commitment to keep our regional districts and schools updated, we have created a new SST 13 blog. Weekly, we will add new developments, content, articles and links on focused topic areas to assist in your school improvement efforts. You can look forward to the most current information in the areas … Read more

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