What Did We Learn Recently?

What Did We Learn Recently?

The past year or so was not all bad. Several educational studies taught us about everything from how to communicate about the much needed SEL activities to how COVID  upended lives of educators. Edutopia  conveniently described some of the top takeaways in a recent article.


Our compacted suggestions based on the article are to try:

  • Titling social-emotional learning programing (SEL) “social-emotional and academic learning.” The term may be less controversial and is clarifying.
  • Sharing the “Secret Management Techniques of Expert Teachers” with inexperienced or struggling teachers. Help them to focus on big picture proactive strategies rather than responding to minor student infractions.
  • Encouraging the use of pre-testing to introduce students to new learning.
  • Exploring possible myths about immigrant students. Their presence actually has a positive impact on learning for all students.
  • Integrating Project Based Learning that requires collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity for a boost in learning gains and interest.

These are just a few key points from the article. Read it yourself, and let us know what you think.

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