Early Childhood Language Development for Future Academic Success

Early literacy development can be conceptualized using the Simple View of Reading, just as later literacy components can be. In the Simple View of Reading, the end result of Reading Comprehension is made up of two factors, Word Recognition and Language Comprehension. Later in development (in early elementary school for most children), those two factors … Read more

Promoting Equity in Literacy Instruction

Equity. The word is ringing in my ears. It has been a major emphasis in education in our state, as it should be. And sources everywhere are talking and writing about equity in education. But what does it really mean? What is Educational Equity? According to the National Equity Project, “Educational equity means that each … Read more

All Means All: Supporting Language and Literacy Development for Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities*

*Before you decide maybe this blog post isn’t for you, like I might have done a year ago, please read through this preface. Our blogs this year have focused mostly on how to design systems for effective literacy instruction. I have written those posts partly because they are much-needed topics, but also because I was … Read more

Who are “Your People”?

Building Equity Through Barrier Removal We all have “our people.” Usually, we think of “our people” as those we turn to for help or a listening ear. As a leader, you also need the people who know what you need to know, who see what you need to see, who speak truth to power–the people … Read more

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