It’s Fall Harvest Time with SST 13

SST 13 Fall Harvest with OCALICON

Fall is the time of year that ushers in both endings and new beginnings.  It normally brings to an end the humid summers and vacation getaways, the sleeping in late and hanging out at the pool doing nothing type of days. Prior to COVID-19 we use to be able to spend quality time with our families & friends; enjoying cookouts, fireworks, & other summertime fun that we wished would never end. 

Although we are sad that COVID-19 still remains, and that the summer had to go; the fall is still the time of year to enjoy the season of harvest before it gives way to the snow.  Fall is the time of transition starting with the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, oh how beautiful they are as they whistle a soothing tune in the cool autumn breeze. Snuggly clothes, Hiking shoes, campgrounds, October Fest, & pumpkin pie; caramel apples, hot cider, being thankful for the gift of life.

If the fall season had to be defined with just one word, that word would be “Transformation.” Fall brings about transformation in both nature and in our own personal/work lives.  Our children are starting a new school year, entering school for the very first time as preschoolers or kindergarteners, being promoted to a new grade or even starting a new school.  Many are transitioning and exploring post-secondary life, such as learning how to drive, entering the military or work force, or have matriculated off to college.

As educators, we too are starting a new school year with new challenges and ways of operating. Perhaps in the same role or embarking upon a new path. Regardless to where we are on the journey of transformation, we are all in need of “harvesting” or “gathering” resources, tools, etc. to assist us in this new season of unprecedented change and revitalization.  Because SST 13 is your partner in education, we want to make sure you have a bountiful fall harvest of resources to help you manage your transition into this uncharted work season. 

Thus, we have created a Fall Harvest Padlet of resources from our experiences at the 2020 Virtual OCLAICON Conference. We have complied for you and your team valuable resources and materials covering an array of pertinent topics: Alternate Assessment, Family & Community Engagement, Preschool & Early Childhood, Literacy, MTSS/PBIS, Sensory, Legal updates, LRE, Transition, and so much more! 

Please feel free to share the harvest with any of your colleagues and other educational partners.  Let us remember that we are all in this together and be thankful that none of us have to do this work alone.

😊Happy Harvest from your SST 13 Partners & OCALICON

SST 13 PoCMegan D. (BCESC), Megan H. (CCESC),

Mona B.B. (HCESC), & Christine K. (WCESC)

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