Vision: SST13 will become the premier provider of systems change support for districts and buildings in our 4-county region focusing on the needs of our customers to improve education for all students.
Mission: The mission of State Support Team 13 is to partner with educators at all levels of the school system and provide trusted support to build their capacity to maximize the opportunity for ALL students to learn more, do more and be more.

Fiscal Agent

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Hamilton County ESC Logo
Hamilton County ESC serves as the fiscal agent for State Support Team Region 13. CLICK HERE for more information about HCESC and its services and products.

State Support Teams

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The 16 State Support Teams are responsible for the regional delivery of school improvement, special education compliance, postsecondary transition, early learning and school readiness, and parent and family involvement services to districts using a differentiated technical assistance structure of support based upon need. Sixteen ESC’s were selected through an RFP process to act as Fiscal Agents.

The teams work through the Office for Exceptional Children, Office of Early Learning and School Readiness, and the Office of Improvement and Innovation by providing technical assistance and professional development.

Locations and contact information for Ohio’s 16 State Support Teams may be found HERE.


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“ Mona is an incredible resource and an asset toward the improvement of our schools/district. She brings a wealth of knowledge and is tireless in her efforts to support the work in our district.”

“Kathy has brought a wealth of information and experience to both our BLT and TBTs. She fully participates on both teams and her guidance, honest feedback, and encouragement have resulted in our more focused and effective use of the OIP. Our instruction is improving and student achievement is steadily increasing.”
”We are learning to utilize data more effectively by using the OIP 5 step process. We are also beginning to put a system in place for improvement.”

“Gives{us} another person to bounce ideas off of in terms of instructional strategies. Also, has been very helpful in terms of how TBT meetings can run more effectively.”